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Rock Music Academy

The Rock Music Academy is the first of its kind in Northeast Pennsylvania. Our objective is to train musicians in age-appropriate groups to learn and perform music as a band.

Our university-trained staff of professional working musicians will provide extensive training in all aspects of playing in a band, from learning your instrument and improving your playing to dealing with the business of music.

Enrollment is tuition-based on a rolling ten week semester, with an in-house performance at the end of each semester.

A 16-track digital recording studio with a professional engineer and producer is available at a discounted rate.

Career consultants are available for qualified individuals and groups seeking a market for their original material.


Must I be a student at DeMelfi School in order to join the Academy?

No. The Academy is open to musicians of all ages regardless of where they study or even if they do not currently take lessons.  However, current DeMelfi students will receive a discount at the Academy, and Academy enrollees qualify for a reduced rate at DeMelfi School.


How will I be grouped?

Prospective students will meet and have a chance to exchange ideas and musical preferences so as to be grouped with people of similar interests.  However, we ask that students be flexible and willing to explore new musical genres.


Am I too old?

Absolutely NOT!!!!! Although there are many younger musicians who wish to be in a band, our innovative program also caters to older musicians who either played in a band before, or always wished they had. We will find a place for you!!!


Are programs limited to rock music?

No, If there is an interest for groups of other musical styles, we will certainly make it happen.


I like to sing karaoke, Is there a place for me? 

Yes, singers can either enroll to work in a band or can book recording studio time to make a CD of their favorite songs.


 I already play in a band, do you have a rehearsal space?

Yes.  The Academy has a rehearsal studio equipped with drums, amps, and PA equipment that is available for rent (subject to available times).


How will my child be supervised?

All of our staff members are parents themselves and have all of their background clearances. We promote a healthy lifestyle at our facility and beyond. Our environment is safe and secure as well as smoke-free, alcohol-free, and drug-free.


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