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The Christmas song that is playing right now is entitled "On A Cold December Night". Danny DeMelfi wrote and plays piano for this song. Vocals by Venessa Vicoso. Taylor Sappe plays acoustic and bass guitars. Drums and percussion by Rob Dutz and Matthew Straub. Tina Lizbinski plays violins. String arrangements, recording, and engineering by Taylor Sappe. Produced by Taylor Sappe and Danny DeMelfi. 

We are happy to announce that this song was recorded by "Twelve Twenty-Four", a very popular touring band in the Northeastern United States (in the style of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra). It is track 7 on their debut album "Miracle on Rock Street".

It is available through their website: and on iTunes & Amazon. 

Copyright 2009 DeMelfi Music-ASCAP.  All Rights Reserved.

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